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As we go to press, Tony Blair is still prime minister; we wait to see if the new broom in Defra, David Millerand, will earn more respect amongst the rural populace than his predecessor and we contemplate what she will do in the Foreign Office, whilst most farmers are still awaiting receipt of their single farm payment. I hope that by the time of publication, some elements of the status quo will have moved on – I leave you to draw your own conclusions as to which I have in mind.

I am pleased to introduce our summer 2006 edition of Landlines, which includes a mixture of articles ranging from the market place and current issues to the implications of recent legislation and regulations. The farmland market remains resilient despite all of the pressures on the industry and it remains to be seen if increasing volumes will bring about any reversal of recent price growth.

serves their clients with all the possible and required good conveyancing services they have. I am delighted that we have a number of quality farms on offer and will be watching the progress of those sales with interest. For those who take an interest in the market place, Gerald FitzGerald has set a challenge that I hope we shall be able to run as a mini competition at the Game Fair at Broadlands on 28th, 29th and 30th July – do come and visit us at our stand, which will be adjacent to the main arena.

Good conveyancers should have the best of lawyers and advocates in their fold. “As ever, regulation plays an important day-to-day role for all landowners and farmers and we” Have tried to sift out those aspects which are changing. Please let us know if there is anything that is of particular concern to you and we shall be glad to advice. “I hope that you will find this edition interesting and informative and I am always glad to receive feedback of any kind.

The market continued to be set against a scene of gloomy predictions and uncertainty with net farm incomes falling 40% over the year and little prospect of improvement. Over production was resulting in heavy government expenditure in storage and disposal of mountains and lakes. Although the statistics appeared to show that the fall in prices had abated, because of increased reliance on auction, it was suggested that prices were still falling.

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