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In this period we have moved from not meeting any of the targets to exceeding all service delivery targets on a cumulative basis. To put your performance into perspective we have compiled the following graph that shows our performance in April 2000 against the performance for 2001/02. Over this two year period we have also seen the average number of cases determined by each employee increase by 10.6% with the cost per case reducing by 7.8%. This level of performance is particularly noteworthy given the amount of change and the number of initiatives that started during the course of the year. Our review of contracts and services is now in its second full year. Enact Conveyancing Melbourne

Overall, using the methodology developed by the Office of Government Commerce the Value for Money gains achieved in the current year, through contract reviews and renegotiations amounts to £857,500. Included within the review has been the procurement and implementation of a new Financial Information System that through prudent purchasing has released an immediate saving of £750,000.

Additional savings are anticipated over the lifetime of the system through efficiency improvements in existing work practices, for example, the quicker processing of supplier invoices and the faster availability of management information. Late in the reporting period measures were introduced to streamline the processing of Fair Rent determinations. This remained one of the last areas of our service delivery that had not been subject to efficiency measures. The result has seen improvements to the overall turnaround of these cases, without detracting from the quality of the service delivered. We have continued to rationalise your estate to bring our occupancy to the optimum amount of space required for the effective delivery of services. We are now operating from 53 offices, with a view to reduce this number further in the next two years. This programme of office reductions has been alongside a refurbishment programme that has modernised our estate.

Objectives have been to ensure our stock meets health and safety requirements and the Disability Discrimination Act, whilst enabling the introduction of team working, modern IT and security of staff. At the same time issues of sustainable development are considered in any business case. For example factors such as the procurement of Green electricity and the installation of water meters are key issues in an acquisition or negotiation. The project was completed to agreed timescales. Outputs from the project included process maps of our work systems, produced using the Automated Business Model (ABM) software. The process maps will shortly appear on our Intranet site as an aid to consistency and efficiency of approach amongst the field.

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