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“Certain practices such as the burning of any waste, giving rise to pollution of the environment, and the use of farm tips must stop immediately.” “Advice should be taken on what action is needed on existing farm tips, particularly in relation to restoration, as nothing” “more may be added to them without severe penalties. As a consequence of the legislation, an active farm tip will automatically become a landfill site, which will be extremely expensive to register and manage.

Farmers have been given a period of one year to adjust to the new arrangements and to allow time to register with the Environment Agency certain ‘exemptions’ which do not require a waste management license. If you are choosing the best talented property conveyancers from the real estate field then there are no chances for any type of mistake. The Environment Agency is keen to encourage farmers to register each farm by sector, starting with farms growing oil seed rape, potatoes, sugar beet and horticultural crops in June 2006 and ending with the registration of pig and poultry farmers in February/March 2007.

“It will also be possible to register any farm before May 15, 2007.”It will be possible to burn plant wastes, including the odd broken bale on the stubble after harvest, hedge raisings and untreated pallets, provided the activity has been registered as an ‘exemption’ with the Environment Agency. ” Rates for the registration of ‘complex’ exemptions vary per exemption category.

“The registration of agricultural exemptions, such as the dredging of ditches and the use of a defined quantity of tires on a silage clamp, is currently free of charge, whereas certain ‘complex’ exemptions attract a registration fee from the Environment Agency. In these cases, such as the use of road planning to repair a farm track for example, more information is required to be submitted, including a risk assessment and supplying a plan of the area involved, showing any public rights of way and the proximity of residential properties in the immediate locality.

The stock piling of such materials on farms house valuation adelaide no longer be possible for long periods of time as such products are deemed to be waste materials and time limits to prevent this will apply. Guidance notes, frequently asked questions and the exemption form, ‘WMAW 01’ are now available from the Environment Agency, by contacting the Agricultural Waste section on 0845 603 3113 or website

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