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Sales activity was low, but at least there was some movement in the vacant land market, unlike the investment sector which showed little signs of life. Continued gloom and doubts about proposed new subsidies as part of CAP reform, Prices were predicted to continue falling but without a collapse.”

The wreckage of two years ago was now firmly behind the market, with the first six months seeing a surge in prices. This collapse, caused primarily by proposed and real tax changes severely affected the market for two years causing an oversupply, lack of purchasers and confidence. Top quality land continued to sell well, but there was a widening gap between best and secondary quality land, with an increasing use of looting resulting in average prices rising.Enact Conveyancing Brisbane has the capabilities to make their clients full satisfied. “Prices will continue to rise over the next few months but not at the pace seen over the previous six months.”

Despite the uncertainties, there appeared to be a continued strong demand, although there were fears that the favorable tax regime for agriculture would be targeted by the Chancellor with a change of government felt to be almost certain. The peak of the market was drawing near although, due to continued demand, it was likely in the short term that there would still be some increase and in the longer term it was felt that consolidation was inevitable.

“Spring appeared to arrive early in the rural property market, although not necessarily reflected in the weather.” Increased confidence in the general economy was feeding through to the rural sector, with the result that prices were gradually increasing in most areas but not necessarily reflected in all surveys. You should fine that conveyancer who has the time limit strategy for completing the process. There continued to be restricted supply, but with hopes of increasing activity over the next six months. “The Revenue was placing increasing scrutiny on agricultural property relief and with additional recent tax changes may lead to an increase in demand and rising values.”

Due to continued demand and restricted supply, prices are likely to increase over the next six months, provided there is no change in the tax status of land. One such sale was Townsend Farm, Poyntington in Dorset with just over 500 acres of good farmland which sold quickly, just above its guide price of £2.25 million.

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As we go to press, Tony Blair is still prime minister; we wait to see if the new broom in Defra, David Millerand, will earn more respect amongst the rural populace than his predecessor and we contemplate what she will do in the Foreign Office, whilst most farmers are still awaiting receipt of their single farm payment. I hope that by the time of publication, some elements of the status quo will have moved on – I leave you to draw your own conclusions as to which I have in mind.

I am pleased to introduce our summer 2006 edition of Landlines, which includes a mixture of articles ranging from the market place and current issues to the implications of recent legislation and regulations. The farmland market remains resilient despite all of the pressures on the industry and it remains to be seen if increasing volumes will bring about any reversal of recent price growth.

serves their clients with all the possible and required good conveyancing services they have. I am delighted that we have a number of quality farms on offer and will be watching the progress of those sales with interest. For those who take an interest in the market place, Gerald FitzGerald has set a challenge that I hope we shall be able to run as a mini competition at the Game Fair at Broadlands on 28th, 29th and 30th July – do come and visit us at our stand, which will be adjacent to the main arena.

Good conveyancers should have the best of lawyers and advocates in their fold. “As ever, regulation plays an important day-to-day role for all landowners and farmers and we” Have tried to sift out those aspects which are changing. Please let us know if there is anything that is of particular concern to you and we shall be glad to advice. “I hope that you will find this edition interesting and informative and I am always glad to receive feedback of any kind.

The market continued to be set against a scene of gloomy predictions and uncertainty with net farm incomes falling 40% over the year and little prospect of improvement. Over production was resulting in heavy government expenditure in storage and disposal of mountains and lakes. Although the statistics appeared to show that the fall in prices had abated, because of increased reliance on auction, it was suggested that prices were still falling.

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The main process of conveyancing should get performed by the assistance of the conveyancers who has the knowledge to perform the process. “However, prospective five year returns of 7-8% per annum still remain attractive.”The continued strength of the market is reflected in the growth of our commercial business.” We are strengthening our agency teams and increasing our transactional business. Competitive bidding may lead to premiums being attached to a portfolio purchase.

“We pride ourselves on client service and I would welcome feedback on any aspect of our business in which you are involved, as well as on the content of business lines, which I hope you will find informative and useful. broader recognition for the contribution the property sector makes to the fabric of the economy . particularly where new entrants to the market are seeking to buy portfolios.

In this capacity, Ian co-ordinates the bank’s activities in this sector, including financial advisory.In May 2006, it bought Regis House, London, EC4, for £83 million. The deal represents an initial yield of about 5%.

Work in education is carried out by many teams in the London office, particularly landlord and tenant, rating, project and building consultancy and planning. Recent cases include the lease renewal of Regent’s College for The Crown Estate and the rent review of the Court auld Institute for the tenant college.

The market for educational space has strengthened in recent years with the growth in demand for education occurring at all levels and not just confined to the private sector. The principal constraint is the shortage of property with a planning class D1 (educational) use.

Former church buildings are in demand for nursery space and some central London schools have taken office space on the basis of paying the higher rent for office or educational use. “Rents have moved up steadily, driven by open market lettings to new entrants and to established institutions, without the volatility of the office sector.” The need for space outweighs the longer term considerations. “Rating work continues for many universities and schools, including some teaching hospitals which are a specialty all of their own.”

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In this period we have moved from not meeting any of the targets to exceeding all service delivery targets on a cumulative basis. To put your performance into perspective we have compiled the following graph that shows our performance in April 2000 against the performance for 2001/02. Over this two year period we have also seen the average number of cases determined by each employee increase by 10.6% with the cost per case reducing by 7.8%. This level of performance is particularly noteworthy given the amount of change and the number of initiatives that started during the course of the year. Our review of contracts and services is now in its second full year. Enact Conveyancing Melbourne

Overall, using the methodology developed by the Office of Government Commerce the Value for Money gains achieved in the current year, through contract reviews and renegotiations amounts to £857,500. Included within the review has been the procurement and implementation of a new Financial Information System that through prudent purchasing has released an immediate saving of £750,000.

Additional savings are anticipated over the lifetime of the system through efficiency improvements in existing work practices, for example, the quicker processing of supplier invoices and the faster availability of management information. Late in the reporting period measures were introduced to streamline the processing of Fair Rent determinations. This remained one of the last areas of our service delivery that had not been subject to efficiency measures. The result has seen improvements to the overall turnaround of these cases, without detracting from the quality of the service delivered. We have continued to rationalise your estate to bring our occupancy to the optimum amount of space required for the effective delivery of services. We are now operating from 53 offices, with a view to reduce this number further in the next two years. This programme of office reductions has been alongside a refurbishment programme that has modernised our estate.

Objectives have been to ensure our stock meets health and safety requirements and the Disability Discrimination Act, whilst enabling the introduction of team working, modern IT and security of staff. At the same time issues of sustainable development are considered in any business case. For example factors such as the procurement of Green electricity and the installation of water meters are key issues in an acquisition or negotiation. The project was completed to agreed timescales. Outputs from the project included process maps of our work systems, produced using the Automated Business Model (ABM) software. The process maps will shortly appear on our Intranet site as an aid to consistency and efficiency of approach amongst the field.